Friday, November 5, 2010

A new blog for me

I am starting this blog to showcase my scrapbooking and cardmaking hobby, but also to link you to those people and places that inspire me. I love my "day job", but I also love crafting with paper, creating and preserving my families memories. I started making cards in 1998 with my friend Amy Bell. We made Christmas cards that took us hours and hours and if I could see them now, I am sure we would have a good laugh. IT was hard to get supplies here in the mountains and I would go to Micheals, spend all kinds of time and money and then come up with ideas and try to learn techniques all on my own. Very time consuming.Amy's sister started selling crafting supplies for the Close to My heart company and teaching classes. Finally, I didn't have to come up with it all on my own! I love their products and I can get it all delivered to my door, which is a big thing living in Blairsville.

Since then, I have loved learning about scrapbooking, scrapping with my friends, making memories with my family, scapping with my friends, and making new friends through scrapbooking. I teach scrapbooking at Oasis and I love sharing my passion with others. It is so fun to see other people discover their creative selves.

My family loves our scrapbooks. I find my kids and husband pulling out our books over and over again, reliving our great times, trips, people we love and things we have done. I think if our house burned down, they would be the first things we would save.

Most people's fotos end up a jumbled mess in the attic in a box. Come with me and find out how to make your memories come alive!

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