Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Mistletoe

I saw in one of the old idea books a card made with the three elements pattern.
I thought this idea was intriguing so, having a lot of mistletoe, I decided to experiment with some different ideas. I changed the dimensions to 4x4 form the 6x6 so it would be easier to mail and I also wanted to use smaller "elements". After the first two, I came upon the stamp set I bought, Just for the Holidays, and the third design came to me. So I made 18 of these to give as a Chrsitmas gift. It also uses the stamp set holiday commentary.
I liked how it came out and I plan on using this pattern for some birthday and all purpose cards.
Haley, if you read this, tell me again how to post from here to the art boards.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Very nice cards! I really like all the variations on the same idea.

    To post to the CTMH art board is easy: once you've made your post in blogger, in edit mode click the "html" instead tab instead of compose. Copy all the info and then go make a post on the art board. It won't look good yet, but if you click preview you should see everything correctly. LMK if this doesn't make sense. It's way easier than Photobucket!

  2. THnaks, Haley! I couldn't remember all you told me.