Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anniversary Fancy Folds

Shimmer ribbon and bling with For Always

Here are two cards done in the same fancy fold style using my leftover For Always paper. One has the black sparkles and black shimmer ribbon. The other is done with washi tape and the clear sparkles with added red.
I also embossed the stamp in white daisy on the first card

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I will be teaching at Oasis Fall Semester

I will be teaching at Oasis (Older Adults Sharing in Service) this fall at the First United Methodist Church.

Click Here to go to the Oasis Home Page

I will probably be doing perpetual calendars, a mini album and some scrapbook layouts.
Of course, all of the projects will incorporate techniques that can be used on other scrapbokking, crafting and cardmaking projects. It will be for beginners as well as experienced scrapbookers.

Oasis starts Sept 5th, 2013 and goes until mid November.

Ribbons and Bling

Those of you who know me, know I love some doodads and bling bling.
One thing I love is ribbon. It adds tso much and there are so many different ways to do it.
The black tulle ribbon I wasn't sure how I would use it and now I use it on everything. It can be tucked in every corner for added texture and interest. I also love the burlap. IT can be used in so many unexpected ways and suprisingly you can add burlap to very elegant looking things (cards or paper) and it doesn't make it look country.

Here is a video that shows a few of the different ribbons and some uses. The zipper ribbon is so cool.
I have just bought the colonial white ribbon that is premade into flowers. I will post a project with that this weekend. I can see it on so many things, and in this video they colored it with alcohol inks.

I love the shimmer ribbon. The ready to color ribbon is actually very nice with no color added.
Watch this quick video and get inspired:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I've learned on you tube

Numerous craft related things, of course, but lately I have learned how to fix a dishwasher (it was leaking), repair the automatic drying sensors on my dryer and clean the circuit board, rewire lamps
and fixed the regulator in our car window (the part that makes it go up and down). I also learned how to make my favorite dressing (ranch) from scratch. IT is so much cheaper than my favorite mix with buttermilk brand and I can make as little or as much as I want and vary the taste. It is basically buttermilk, mayo and spices, salt and pepper and it is so fresh. Even Hannah's teenage friends thought is was really good. And teenagers love ranch.

I am going to work on making cushions for our outdoor furniture. I have made before, but  I think this will save me dough and I will have a nicer product. who know what I will learn next.

I want to learn to make cheese and I bet I can

My "baby" starts a job

Because I think People need to understand the "value" of money, our kids drive very used cars and pay for their own gas, tires, service, clothes and other miscellaneous items. We have never given an allowance either, you have to earn it. Don't get me wrong, my girls are not deprived, but some of the best people I know have worked when I know their parents could give them, but know that is not the best way. She babysits for the kids of someone who used to babysit her! BUt Hannah realized babysitting wouldn't quite cut it and she started a new job this week, working at the Robyn's Nest gift shop. She wanted to have a picture from her first day at work. Wait til she finds out about taxes!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fancy Fold Card with Buzz and Bumble new favorite product

My new favorite thing is trying fancy fold cards. Here is one I have made many versions of with Buzz and Bumble paper. 

But the hard thing about fancy folds is closing them and keeping them closed if you don't tie with ribbon. Enter my new favorite product, hook and loop dots (Z1805). The are self adhesive and tiny. It is hard to actually show them on a photo, but basically I put them under the flap and on the card to hold the flap shut until opened. They come in packs of 25, so you can do a lot of card with one pack. 

Father's Day Frame with Tommy Paper

This Tommy paper is one of my favorites. I loved the nautical theme, as well as the primary colors. 
I also love making the frames. This is John's Father's day frame of him with his "new son". We have come a long way from the "he can't stay here" statement when we found him to his new best friend and constant companion. 

If you haven't made a frame, they are so cool. You really get two layers or pages to do and the three dimensional effect is wonderful. I have found you have to put a piece of cardboard on the back to get it to stand in a stand well.

Here is one of the cards I made with the Tommy paper: