Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making a page from a photo page

I saw this idea for the first time this year in the idea book on page 63 and I thought, wow! how clever, using a photo page to make a page!

Many times I have many more pictures than I have spaces in my scrapbook pages and often I will stick in a photo page, horizontal or vertical. But rarely do I have the exact number of photos to fill up exactly one photo page...
TAH DAH! The team at CTMH came up with a brilliant solution, make a page out them, or incorporate page elements in the photopages, like journaling.
This top picture is a close up of the upper left corner. It is not rotated correctly, but I wanted to show how you can embellish this area.
The second photo shows a photopage I made as a companion to my Christmas pages. They are vertical photopages and you can either use them as a decorative element and fill the rest photos, put journaling on the white insert, or even crop photos to put on all of them.
This is an example of the one we made in my Oasis class. But check out the one on page 63 in the Autumn/Winter catalog. The funny thing is that I was looking through a catalog from 2 years ago and there was the same idea! That's what I love about the idea books...every time I look I see something new...even years later!


  1. Looks really good! The photo pages are a great way to incorporate tons of photos, especially of birthday parties, Christmas, trips...

  2. I think I'm going to have to try this! For the "works in progress" album these pages would be great, too.