Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Christmas card

Oh my! I have so much Mistletoe left I am making more Christmas cards. I already have more cards than I have friends who are "card worthy". In scrapbookers lingo this is a person who is worthy of my lovingly made cards. Others get a boxed Hallmark from ones I buy after Christmas at mark down.

I love the wishing star stamp, which has been around for years, but I am just now discovering.

So today I made 18 of these cards and cleaned out the attic. So that would explain why today I am distressed around the edges.

Paper: Mistletoe Stamps:snow flurries sentiment, Wishing star. Techniques:embossing, bracket shape form the pazzles bracket shape from the cutting cafe.


  1. Great card - I love that music paper. Haven't decided for sure how to make mine yet, but that paper will be part of them!

  2. I love it, too. An Haley will tell you that when I first saw the Mistletoe I said EEEWWWW! BUt now I am loving it. When will I learn???