Friday, November 12, 2010

John is working wednesday

Hannah and are are alone tonight with the animals (and grandma, when she gets home) and we are all geared up to watch our favorite show, "The Middle" on WSB. We found this show when my sister kept talking about how good Modern Family was and we watched this first, waiting for Mf to come on. We laughed so hard. MF may be good, but the Middle is the real star. I so identify with Frankie, who says she is a lazy parent and makes dinner by bringing home fast food.

We hate that John has to work 24hours straight,but we love our time together being girls.


  1. OMG Traci told me about the Middle and the girls and I are HOOKED! It is hysterical and we moms can totally relate to Frankie. I don't know about Hannah, but Ansley loves Sue. Enjoy your girlie time!

  2. P.S. You can get the first season on Netflix, which is how we watched it. I think it took 3 CDs, but we laughed so hard.

  3. My favorite is when she comes home with fast food and says 'here - I made dinner!'. I do that now and this show has actually made me feel less guilty about it! Ha.