Saturday, February 19, 2011

Techniques, techniques

I love learning new techniques (and remembering old techniques) for inspiration for making scrapbook pages and cards. Many time I just blog hop for inspiration or look int he idea books from CTMH or the scrapbook manuals or card manuals, because they have about 1 technique for every layout, but this year, for 52 weeks, jeanette lynton is blogging about techniques every monday.
A new technique every monday! A few weeks ago, she blogged about the KISS technique, which i love....but she didn't just do the KISS technique, she stepped it up a notch. She has done that with every technique she has discussed. I was blown away by her two step embossing. Of course I can't wait to get the beautiful February stamp of the month and try it myself. But also, I have printed out her blog every monday and started a notebook, filing the techniques alphabetically. Doing this, I have a step by step handbook of 52 techniques!Check out the link to her blog.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

16 page Reflections album

Here are the next 4 pages in the 16 page Reflections workshop layouts.

In the top page, we simply used paper tearing and rolling as a technique. I also used rub ons and stamping.

The then and now page with her cousins, we used embellishments and stamping with light inks on dark paper, which is an art in and of itself. we made "elements" with a square punch, the circle punch, and buttons. Layering and details is what adds punch to pages.

The next two pets pages use irresitables and flip flaps. Under each pet picture with a flip flap I we wrote the "story" of the pet and put secret pictures. I used the small flip flaps, but the ladies in my class were taught how to use the large 12x6 flip flaps and a level one page cut in two to extend the page easily and add more pictures.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Givin it up for Lent

Every year we go through the "what to give up" for lent issue.
We have given up eating meat EVERY friday this year instead of just for lent, but this is something we do in addition to giving up something. I try to give something up, but I also try to do something positive that I have difficulty doing. This year I think I am going to give up drinking sodas. I am down to one a day, but I have an unnatural craving after even one day without it. It will be difficult to do without and that is the point, so I think I am going to go with that. I really don't know if I can do it.

For the "something positive" last year I tried to write a letter or card to someone thanking them or giving encouragement every day. I failed miserabely only doing it about one out of every three days. In general, I find it harder to DO the positive thing usually than to give up something. Isn't that odd? St Teresa wrote in her diaries about seeking out everyday the person who most irritated her or vexed her and trying to see the good in them or saying something nice to them or positive until she saw them in a different way. I guess that's why I am not a saint. One year I tried to say something positive to my husband every day and I couldn't do it! How sad. Luckily, room for spiritual growth!!! I even consider it doing a positive thing when I don't say something negative about the things people do that irritate me to know end ( not putting new toilet paper on the roll and propping the new roll on the empty, not turning lights out, leaving cabinet doors open, not putting away things you take out...), what a saint I AM.

I am still trying to discern my direction in this. I would love to hear your suggestions.

16 page Reflections album part duex

These are the next two pages in the album, using the magnifique paper set. On both pages we used the techniques of dry embossing for texture with the cuttlebug. This takes plain paper and adds interest. On both pages we also used dimensisional elements that were stamped to add color and pattern. The bottom page has a dimensional element I cut on my pazzles and the top page uses CTMH fancy frames. I also used clear elements that I think are retired. We also used some of the scap to make the banner at the top of the bottom page.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

16 page Reflections album

These are the first few pages from my scrapbooking class at OASIS. We use 1 packet of level 2 paper and 7 additional sheets to make this 16 page album based on layouts from the Reflections album by Jeanette Lynton. I used extra sheets for the title and end page, which are from layouts in the MAgic book. In each class we do 3-4 pages and I teach the layouts, basic scrapbooking and 1 or 2 techniques


The pictures loaded in reverse order, so the top picture is page 2 of the 16 pg layout. The tecniques I used here are adding tabs and stamping. I altered Katie's original picture on If you haven't used this site, it is awesome and free. I changed a color 4x6 to a black and white and then added in color. Now with snapfish you can have your pictures delivered for pick up at Walmart for no extra charge like it used to be at CVS, so I had the picture sent there and picked it up within an hour. We also stamped a border, which you can't see very well.

The middle page is the companion page, with the same techniques. Here you can see the stamped border inserts better.

The bottom page is the title page of the album. The techniques I used here are rub-ons, liquid glass resist,stampings, adding brads,and covered dimensional elements.

Each person in the class uses a different paper pack depending on the type of album they are making.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I love clear cards

The day before I struggled and struggled with a card ( the valentines card) that I had a plan for, then yesterday I was working on another project and saw the clear cards on my desk and some shapes I had previously cut out on my pazzles and had some instant inspiration! I love when that happens. I had needed some general cards for a male and these just came together with some paper I had left over from the level one card class and the wings paper. I love the star struck stamp when you fold and dimensionalize it.

Any way...sometimes you get serendipity and things just come easier.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Card

I was inspired by the greys in the backside of the bliss paper and a layout in originals. But it didn't turn out like I pictured. Does that ever happen to you?

I was going for the monotone look with the pop of red. Even using the dark grey wool, the grey seemed too light.

Sometimes I go back to the drawing board, sometimes I just move on to my next idea. Not sure which I will do this time.

Papers: grey wool.bliss. Extras: SU glitter paper, tulip sparkle brad. Stamps: Soulmates (my favorite!) and the new universal background stamp. I also used the frame from soul mates, stamped it, scanned it in the pazzles and cut it for my front shape.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Too lazy to coupon

Lately I have been too lazy to even coupon, plus there hasn't been that great of deals out there.

But two hit my button this week... Starting this coming Sunday at CVS Welch's grape juice is $3 each and there are $1 off each coupons on Ebay. Normal prices at the grocery are $4.50 a "jar" so this is a 56% savings. Also, at Bilo the Hartz dog bones are BOGO and there are $2 off coupons on the coupon clippers, so that is 16c a box. Las ttime I got 50 boxes of dog treats. I am the favorite of all the dogs I meet.

I am also going to take advantage of the buy 3 cresent rolls and get 15c off gas at bi lo, which for 20 gallons is $3. There are coupons available and I love pigs in a blanket and use them to make lunch sandwiches, so for $2 or so I get $3 off. The only disadvantage is that I have to go through the line a few times, but if I stock up, I plan on getting $12 off a tank.

What do you see this week?

I did not think the specials at the Ingles Grand opening were all that great.