Monday, November 22, 2010

Favorite recipe Project

This is the project we did in my last Oasis class. It took three classes or about 9 hours, not including the time to journal and assemble picture and recipes.

This was inspired by my friend Joy's project to catalog her family's special objects and heirlooms. As a matter of fact some of my student used the same format but did a project called our Favorite Things.

We used dimensional elements on the front. We cut the old 6x6 album project with random stamping for the base pages. We doubled this, so we had 24 pages.

On each page we used a different technique or embellishment to highlight our family recipes. We included stories abou the person or story behind the recipe or object in the case of favorite things. The 6x6 display book is perfect for this, since you can stand it up and the pages are protected.

Some of the recipes were hilarious like "hot chocolate for 100". We rewrote some recipes, but left others in the original form. This was a great project.


  1. What a great, meaningful project!

  2. So glad to be your inspiration! Hopefully after Christmas I can get my book finished, or at least closer to finished.