Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I've learned on you tube

Numerous craft related things, of course, but lately I have learned how to fix a dishwasher (it was leaking), repair the automatic drying sensors on my dryer and clean the circuit board, rewire lamps
and fixed the regulator in our car window (the part that makes it go up and down). I also learned how to make my favorite dressing (ranch) from scratch. IT is so much cheaper than my favorite mix with buttermilk brand and I can make as little or as much as I want and vary the taste. It is basically buttermilk, mayo and spices, salt and pepper and it is so fresh. Even Hannah's teenage friends thought is was really good. And teenagers love ranch.

I am going to work on making cushions for our outdoor furniture. I have made before, but  I think this will save me dough and I will have a nicer product. who know what I will learn next.

I want to learn to make cheese and I bet I can

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  1. Ok, Macguivere, you are on fire! You're also becoming a super blogger. I am really proud of you. You Tube might be as awesome as coupons!