Sunday, February 13, 2011

16 page Reflections album

These are the first few pages from my scrapbooking class at OASIS. We use 1 packet of level 2 paper and 7 additional sheets to make this 16 page album based on layouts from the Reflections album by Jeanette Lynton. I used extra sheets for the title and end page, which are from layouts in the MAgic book. In each class we do 3-4 pages and I teach the layouts, basic scrapbooking and 1 or 2 techniques


The pictures loaded in reverse order, so the top picture is page 2 of the 16 pg layout. The tecniques I used here are adding tabs and stamping. I altered Katie's original picture on If you haven't used this site, it is awesome and free. I changed a color 4x6 to a black and white and then added in color. Now with snapfish you can have your pictures delivered for pick up at Walmart for no extra charge like it used to be at CVS, so I had the picture sent there and picked it up within an hour. We also stamped a border, which you can't see very well.

The middle page is the companion page, with the same techniques. Here you can see the stamped border inserts better.

The bottom page is the title page of the album. The techniques I used here are rub-ons, liquid glass resist,stampings, adding brads,and covered dimensional elements.

Each person in the class uses a different paper pack depending on the type of album they are making.

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to immortalize your beautiful girl! The pages look great. I like the tabs with the stamped images.