Sunday, December 19, 2010

Level One Card Class for the Troops

Here is an example of cards made from a Level One Close to my Heart Kit. This is one of my favorite things tod o becasue they always look great and they are sooooo fast and easy.
These were made rom an old level one Silhouette pack I had hanging around.
On Jan 23rd at 1:30 I will be teaching a level one card making class. I will be providing all the materials If you want to bring a level one kit you have to "donate" that will be great. Here's the twist..... I will be teaching the class and you will make the cards, but we are going to donate them all to soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan. My husband said when he was there, the card basket was one of the most popular things.
So let me know if you want to come and have fun for a good cause. Let me know if you are going to donate or need me to order for you. You can then take this skill and use it on your own. I promise you will, cause the are the easiest, quickest and most elegant way to make a bunch of cards.

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